Now at last, a discovery automation software that is intuitive and a joy to use.

Advanced Discovery Solutions provides a platform where attorneys collaborate and communicate with their clients to respond to discovery in a powerful and efficient way. Communication is free flowing and integrated into responses. Archaic barriers to communication, such as email, telephone calls, and postal services are made obsolete. Copying, transcription, and long tedious telephone calls are now a thing of the past. With Advanced Discovery Solutions, you work together with your clients to produce responses that best present their case.


Respond to Discovery

Propounding discovery on litigated files can now be prepared in seconds.


When using Advanced Discovery Solutions, discovery is sent by you, the attorney, to the client’s easy-to-use portal for answers. After answering the questions, your client’s responses are sent back to you for review and edits. This back-and-forth cycle is continuous until you are satisfied that the answers best present your client’s position.


Once the substantive responses are drafted, the attorney is able to raise important legal objections to the discovery propounded with the click of a button. This is done with the use of a sidebar of quick-access objections. A simple click of the appropriate objection copies the entire objection for easy pasting into the applicable responses. Attorneys have their own, customizable, objection bank from which they are able to speedily select the best objections to protect their client’s rights.


Once drafted, propounding and responding discoveries are exportable to PDF and Microsoft Word in an accurate and compliant pleading format. Handling attorney, firm name, case caption, and footer are automatically integrated with the discovery printout. Margins and page breaks are calculated and adjusted with the use of artificial intelligence for a precise, professional, and compliant document presentation.


Propounding discovery is exponentially accelerated with the use of templates. Templates are sets of interrogatories, demands for production of documents, and requests for admissions that are effortlessly adaptable to any case. If changes are made during the use of the template on a matter, the template is easily able to be updated or saved to the template bank as an entirely new template without interrupting the discovery workflow.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an integral part of the functionality of Advanced Discovery Solutions. Through AI, menial tasks such as edits to the caption, footer, and alignment of margins occur automatically when a document is exported and without user involvement. This enables attorneys and paralegals to save hours of time and focus on substantive content, rather than clerical minutia.


Through the use of a case’s information, proofs of service attachments are generated in a matter of seconds. Standard proofs of service are generated with the applicable discovery’s information. In addition, the sender’s identification is automatically populated into the document. And, of course, the mailing list identifying every party and their respective attorney(s) is attached to the proof of service without any additional attorney input.


Verifications are produced with each responding discovery for a final document that is ready for the client’s signature. Signatures are then easily attained through the use of any e-signature program. (i.e. DocuSign, Adobe Sign, etc.).


Be untethered. As a cloud-based program, Advanced Discovery Solutions allows access via the internet. Regardless of whether attorneys are at their office, home, or on holiday, they stay informed about the status of the discoveries on their cases. As for the clients, the cloud platform is invaluable. Clients can now provide answers to discovery on their cellphone, tablet, or other digital device, wherever and whenever they are able.

Form Interrogatories

Advanced Discovery Solutions has fully integrated California’s civil litigation Form Interrogatories. Propounding is as simple as clicking the questions that you wish to ask the opposing party or selecting a template of a previous selection. When responding, the selection of the questions is performed in the same way, but with the added ability to send to a client for their reply. Form interrogatories also incorporates all of the other time-saving functionalities specific to responding.

Discovery Organization

By default, whether complete or pending, discoveries are organized and saved under their respective category and type within each case. This allows attorneys to quickly find every propounded discovery as well as a client’s responses in an intuitive easy-to-understand format.

Case Quick find

We understand that litigators have dozens, or even hundreds, of cases that need to be quickly and easily accessible. With this in mind, current cases are speedily searchable through a combined key word search of parties and attorneys indexed to each case. In this way, a search limits the list of cases to only those with specific party or attorney entered.

Case Information

During the initial creation of a case, all of the matter’s information is inputted into the software for automated integration during discovery. This data includes the venue of the court, case number, department number, judge, listing of parties and attorneys, etc. These details are then displayed on the clean and intuitive Case Information page of the case.